Arslan: The Warriors of Legend (PS4)


Without the need to lean on the historical circumstances of the Yellow Turban Rebellion, Dynasty Warriors can tell a capable story – Arslan shows how. Seamless segues between lengthy narrative bits and battlefield combat are pleasing. So is the lush anime-soaked aesthetic.

Much is the same. Thousands of foes, lots of swords, goals flickering on a map; Arslan doesn’t move the formula so much as soak it up and reapply.

Thematically, Arslan approaches heavy topics: Child soldiers, slavery, and impoverished nations. Knowledge of the source material will better establish the tale’s cornerstones though; Warriors of Legend relegates much to a dialog backdrop during action.

Fairy tale lands lean toward real world circumstances, depicting Persian mythos with the Japanese flair for the eccentric. The perspective, as sourced from a manga and 1980s visual novel, is culturally unique. Combat, although slightly deliberate compared to the sparks and trails of Dynasty Warriors, remains derivative yet pleasing in excess.


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