Star Fox Zero (Wii U)

After the new millennium, Star Fox became Nintendo’s Sonic – a once glorious, company-defining series which went astray as the home studio was helpless in finding contemporary relevance for their mascot. Shigeru Miyamoto’s perky puppet show collapsed under inane ideas, needless utilization of console features, all while drifting further from the surreal ’60s-like sci-fi trappings… Continue reading Star Fox Zero (Wii U)


Quantum Break (Xbox One)

Quantum Break comes from two different places. First, it falls into a surge of time travel pop culture, inundated with the likes of The Flash, 11:22:63, Looper, Predestintion, and in this medium, the exquisite Life Is Strange. Quantum Break is also in on the binge of post-recession distrust of capitalists, entertainment which casts corporate figureheads… Continue reading Quantum Break (Xbox One)