Dirt Rally (PS4)

DiRT Rally_20160407175024

Gaining speed in rally racing doesn’t have an exhilarating quality. Instead, it’s terrifying. Dirt Rally’s high simulation captures the sheer cliffs and improbable turns this discipline showcases. The authentic danger could prove appealing even to non-fans, as mastery is nigh impossible. Dark Souls, but cars.

Backed in the menus by EDM and serenaded on the track by pebbles clanging off the vehicle’s undercarriage, Dirt Rally doesn’t offer an invitation for fun so much as a genuine, often loving challenge.

Fans of the sport will dissect intricate details. Most Stateside will appreciate Dirt for its constant directional changes and lack of “turn left” track curvature. For accessibility, Microsoft’s Rallisport Challenge 1 & 2 remain champions, but Codemaster’s ever evolving attention to minutiae continues to build a better sim.


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