Sega 3D Classics Collection (3DS)


Power Drift finally finds a Stateside release in this 3D collection, one of Yu Suzuki’s least known works. The surreal kart racer uses an unusual road aesthetic and the pace of Afterburner for an eclectic pole position battle.

Alongside Power Drift are nine others (three of which are Fantasy Zone incarnations). Most have been on the eShop prior. A few, like Power Drift and Puyo Puyo, are new for a localized audience.

There’s also Maze Walker, the first time a Master System 3D game has been re-released in its authentic form. While just a top down snoozer (and better 3D Master System games exist), Maze Walker’s essential 3D works better here than with the stylish ’80s goggles of Sega’s 8-bit. Purists should relent in this rare case.

More than a compilation, Sega 3D Classics adds successful fall-in effects to these icons. Power Drift and Galaxy Force II make their 3D a fundamental showcase of the tech. Sonic the Hedgehog’s parallax backgrounds may be minor, yet boosts the mascot’s adventure with world depth. Same with Fantasy Zone. Puyo Puyo on the other hand never needed 3D at all and Altered Beast should have been replaced by anything else, 3D or not.

It’s a shame Sega 3D Classic Collection is incomplete. Missing are Space Harrier, Afterburner, and two Streets of Rage 3D remasters, among others. This is not a failure of the set so much as a disappointment. The included choices capture a breadth of hardware and eras, containing these 10 games among their generational relatives.

While unlikely, seeing these released in 3D on a home console would be welcome.


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