Halo: Spartan Strike (PC)

Halo_ Spartan Strike 5_28_2016 11_21_26 PM

Just brief filler for the Halo series space saga, this sequel to Spartan Assault’s lethargy sports better combat enthusiasm. Spartan Strike remains hung up on defensive challenges to extend the otherwise meager length, but the offensive push can be a joy. Hopping into vehicles and obliterating the full swatch of Halo villainy (minus the Flood) manages to unseat the main series in satisfaction.

Spartan Strike feels like the core series in miniature – tabletop Halo come to life – with lots of colorful laser dodging. Intensity perks up in later stages to buck the odds and enhance the narrative superiority of the Spartans. Despite a boneheaded roadblock which requires high scores to access the true final levels – again, Spartan Strike tries anything to extend its length because quality/time are linked in videogames – what’s accessible has merit. A thin story reaches a clear conclusion and the sense of chaos is appreciable.


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