Witch and the Hundred Knight (PS4)


When Witch and the Hundred Night dings the RPG genre for its conventions, it’s smart, observant, and delightful. The satire runs deep. Players serve as evolutionary imbeciles, aimlessly follow tutorials and orders without question in an aesthetically charming yet darkly comedic fairy tale realm – Hansel and Gretel (sort of), but from the witch’s POV.

For a while, Hundred Knight appears cute and darling. Then dialog takes on an uncomfortable mean streak, not in a tame take-over-the-world way, rather by revealing a sexually aggressive mood swing. Defeating the first opposing witch leads to a harmless transformation, which then suddenly insinuates rape. Witch and the Hundred Night isn’t so pleasant when the identity has been revealed – it’s cruel, cold, and uncouth. Plot twists don’t rely on acerbic zingers as much as they relish being outlandishly callous. Now you’re not gleefully fighting for evil; you’re trying to get away from this distressing host.


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