Octodad: Dadliest Catch (PS4)


Quirky, weird, and utterly charming, Octodad’s total commitment to its idea is immediately warming. Wrapped in a kindly ’50s sitcom-esque world, the satirical take on suburban naivete blends well within the context of that era’s television. So cautious, Octodad teases – quaintly – the social blindness of a period usually depicted with warmth and joy while so many were oppressed. Octodad’s absurdist premise, that an octopus could mingle with his family (or even have a family) unnoticed carries parallels to those hiding from bigotry.

While part of the wonky controls genre – QWOP, Goat SimulatorOctodad stays inherently smart. Challenges elicit laughs and absurdity rises within the puzzles without overwhelming. It’s mixed and tested and balanced to ensure clarity rather than to annoy. Fantastic.


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