Ghostbusters (Xbox One, 2016)


Ghostbusters is a specifically calibrated, imaginative property – yet this Ghostbusters game (listlessly named too) is hardly recognizable. Hastily written to connect with the new movie; starring a (nicely inclusive) roster of no ones; mirroring the titanic 2011 flop Sanctum of Slime; copping IDW’s comic aesthetic; spewing dismal dad jokes, this Ghostbusters tanks despite having tethers to every bit of Ghostbusters fandom.

New guns never have the kinetic allure of a proton stream, and when wrangling with said stream, the system pulls from 2009’s Ghostbusters: The Video Game minus its gusto. Action lethargically plods through top down levels six times their necessary size and the ceaseless, repetitive battles are worn out after the first fifteen minutes.

The best part is amazing loading screen art of which the game doesn’t follow.


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