Ghostbusters: Slime City (iOS)


Making greater sense than the movie it’s based on, Ghostbusters: Slime City ensnares the joy of busting ghosts as much as it does the business acumen of the Dan Aykroyd-created property. Calls come in, the team goes out. A light gun shooter in touch form, firing off proton streams carries immense satisfaction. A gorgeous visual aesthetic and splendid pace give this mobile Ghostbusters infinitely more energy than its console counterpart.

It’s sadly, then, a free-to-play monster, inundated with artificially “rare” cards and all manner of spinning, backlit, flashing 3D items meant to tantalize the brain’s reward center into paying real world cash. There are timers and currency nonsense further eroding the joy Slime City can offer. When it works – and at the pace it needs to – it’s bliss. Otherwise, it’s a money suck.


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