Watch Dogs 2 (Xbox One)

Awash in a world of leftist, anti-capitalist paranoia, Marcus Hollaway knows everything. All kids think they do, minus the life experience. Forming an Anonymous-esque hacker group DedSec, Hollaway finds himself stretching between one real world satire to the next, none of them particularly rich in composition. With Watch Dogs 2’s fragmentation (hopping from selfish pharmaceutical… Continue reading Watch Dogs 2 (Xbox One)


Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (PS4)

Protagonist Nick Reyes has the personality of Aaron Taylor Johnson’s character from Godzilla (2014): A stoic, faceless military man willing to jump into danger as needed. This isn’t a compliment. On the flipside, Infinite Warfare’s glitzy futurism surrounds Reyes with plenty of disaster. The tenants of contemporary terrorism remain even into the 2300s (or whatever… Continue reading Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (PS4)