Blaster Master Zero (3DS)

A laid back update to the NES 8-bit original, Blaster Master Zero’s gentle pace and satisfying gun toting evokes the feeling of a grade school daydream. It’s sensational in its absurdity, sending a small child into a futuristic world of limited logic and barely credible monsters, all to rescue his pet frog. Of course this kid pilots a super charged, uber space buggy while wearing a red suit and day glo green helmet visor.

The boy, Jason, eventually meets a girl, carrying on a conversation equivalent to what a pre-teen would consider insightful as he spaces out and imagines their time together. A school crush maybe.

Blaster Master Zero isn’t difficult, nor should it be. The lazy, tension-less ambiance feeds into the overall delighting (and unavoidably nostalgic) tone.

This is a better game than it once was in any of the incarnations (including an unrecognizable and literal PlayStation sequel), pushing vibrant, mismatched color to make this adolescent heroes tale all the more dynamic. Jason’s imagine is wonderful.


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