Road Rage (PS4)

During Road Rage’s intro, text boxes slide over still images to tell about a lawless city, split into districts. This text speaks of multi-nationals taking over and problematic diversity prior to the fall. One section of town is called “Chitaly,” for the Chinese/Italian area. The lead character quips how he wishes not to become mixed in with the cats in Chinese food or become a meatball in the spaghetti. Someone wrote this in 2017.

Worse still, someone(s) made all of Road Rage. It’s harder to believe this happened in 2017. Rogue motorcycle gangs spread throughout the city, based on the worst stereotypes of leather wrapped bikers. Anyone riding is positively mad, hoisting machetes or baseball bats toward one another or civilians. Of those civilians, many wear suits (or just the lone character model with a suit repeating too often). Others browse their cell phone. Certain areas of this lawless landscape look fine. It’s the bikers; they’re the only problem.

Yes, Road Rage is appalling. Other times, Road Rage barely functions. Missions won’t load. Geometry traps a bike. AI can’t pass a parked car during race. Success happens even if the goal isn’t accomplished. Road Rage doesn’t show interest in acting functional, and neither does whoever greenlit the dialog.


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