Tiny Barbarian DX (Switch)

At any point in Tiny Barbarian, the dozen pixels high hero can stop and flex. It’s a clever touch, a play on the inherent masculinity of these Conan-like tales. Tiny Barbarian churns around the Conan angle too, riffing the likes of Taito arcade classic Rastan and Sega’s Golden Axe; Tiny Barbarian is a knock-off of a knock-off.

The star is far more spry than Rastan though. Tiny Barbarian’s tiny barbarian jumps with limited attachment to gravity. He attacks with speed, batting away the typical fantasy legions of soldiers, wizards, and bats. It’s quite energetic, a game flush with pectorals, but more concerned with the driving energy of eastern arcade games. Tiny Barbarian is often a joy, enthusiastic and rightfully colorful.


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