Gear Club Unlimited (Switch)

Until something else, Gear Club Unlimited serves its role as a niche filler. The Switch lacks a real world arcade/simulation racing game. Good thing Gear Club exists then. It’s both, to a fault.

There’s a sense this is a mobile update. A quick Google search confirms as such. The stock portraits serving as guidance in your career and star-based progression come from the world of iOS and Android. Gear Club is comfortable here. The Switch is portable after all.

“Career” in this sense is a matter of passing by exotic locations in a number of disconnected races. It’s derivative, and most races run a mere minute or two without on-track drama. Turn up the assistance for arcade style, lower them for realism. Your preference. Either is suitable, but muddied. Neither side offers the satisfaction needed for the specific genre. Gear heads get let down with level-up tinkering. Arcade fanatics deal with the inherent physics needed to support the opposing style.

To waste some time with and jump onto a track with a fast progressing career, Gear Club runs fine. It looks fine. It plays fine. Gear Club checks necessary boxes and knows there’s a chance to get by on the basics.


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