Cat Quest (PS4)

The developers of Cat Quest didn’t get the memo: Dogs now rule over cats in online adorableness. That aside, maybe Cat Quest is the beginning of the feline resurgence. It’s delightful.

While little more than a collection of RPG (Purr-PG?) tropes, Cat Quest delights in its world and charm. A hero kitty marches with a hopeful stride and toughness on their face. It’s all done in an overworld view, clever, and scaling the adventure to something a cat might imagine, assuming cats imagine themselves on fantasy adventures fighting dragons. They probably don’t.

Feline egos tend to run high. In this case, hero kitty comes from a line of powerful, dragon-eliminating descendants. Dialog spills that story, doing so with cat puns so severe, even the most capable observer of the dad joke phenomenon will find themselves descending into shock.

Cat Quest isn’t lengthy, maybe six hours. That’s perfect – or purrfect if Cat Quest speaks of itself. (That’s not even the worst pun.) There’s not enough time for this colorful, sweet little world to be rundown by total repetition but just enough to see it through to the finish. Cat Quest wins.


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