PGA Tour 2K21 (PS4)


Now under the 2K banner (and a new name), The Golf Club becomes official, and with it, loses its often pompous, stuffy vibe. Donning a t-shit and jeans during an actual PGA event isn’t authentic, but freeing. Even rebellious, in the most nominal way.

It’s also a series relenting, allowing greater accessibility in difficulty tuning, optionally draining key Golf Club simulation features like swing speed penalties. PGA 2K21 makes pro tour life attainable to anyone.

For a peculiar sport, determined to continue restricting access and resistant to change, it’s refreshing to be back here, nearer to EA’s sometimes wild Tiger Woods series. All of those Happy Gilmore-borrowed swing styles and boomy sounds remain out of reach for PGA 2K21, but the more barriers fall, The Golf Club eases into a balance. Golf’s exclusivity, pretentious (even racially coded) clubhouses, and financial obligations reject anyone not deferential to the rules. PGA Tour 2K21 at least trudges toward letting everyone play.


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