Marvel’s Avengers (PS4)


Five years after the Avengers were forcibly disbanded, a government-supported, rogue military group (AIM) begins rounding up “inhumans,” putting them in cages, and biased network news cheers them on. To get these obvious parables now leaves one to wonder what future Trumpian parables hold.

Captain America draws a direct line to AIM and the Nazis. There’s nothing particularly distinct about what Avengers is doing with its heroes; the movies followed liberal-leaning causes, from reforming rich, elite war contractors to Obama/Bush-era surveillance (and dabbling in pro-military themes too). Avengers isn’t associated with the movies – it’s out on its own – but follows the basic threads, from reuniting the team to anti-fascist causes, layered with comic book escapism.

There’s far too much menu swapping, clumsy navigation, and unsurprising twists, but Avengers does use Ms. Marvel. She’s perfect. Those kids who saw Iron Man back in 2008 and turned obsessed mirror Ms. Marvel’s pitchy fangirl-isms. She’s them, an entire generation groomed on Disney’s Marvel products, now marching on streets for equality because Captain America showed them it was right, way back in grade school. A klutzy game, but pure.


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