Godfall (PS5)


In Godfall’s fantasy world, two brothers war with one another. Like everything else in Godfall, it’s stock fantasy fluff. Looking only at the in-game story, whether the hero and villain are human, robot, anthropomorphic animal, alien, or whatever else isn’t made clear. They just exist as tropes and it never matters.

If this is someone’s first console launch, the Godfall is “that” game, gorgeously colorful and bold, but utterly listless in adventuring outside of standard design tropes. It’s launch filler, but pleasant filler at least.

Lots of swords, smashing stuff, opening chests, too much time in menus equipping items, killing goblins/trolls/mages repetitively; there’s nothing interesting, yet it’s competent enough to draw attention to itself. At no point while wandering these levels does it matter whether the brothers settle their dispute, only that another necklace or ring carries a higher number than the last. Lots of games do that, if none other so pretty – now, anyway.


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