Clap Hanz Golf (iOS)

Although changing its name, Clap Hanz Golf blends invisibly into the series formerly known as Hot Shots and Everybody’s Golf. This is a specific brand, mastered by developer Clap Hanz, where everyone matters and competition is secondary.

Somehow on Apple Arcade and away from the Sony ecosystem for the first time, Clap Hanz creates what represents their style best, even going back to the original PlayStation where Hot Shots first appeared. It’s the characters. They’re exuberant, reactive, cheerful, playful, and a total delight. To call it merely charming is underwriting the utterly captivating atmosphere.

Clap Hanz breaks golf’s traditions too. The hook here is each hole is played by a different character, smart not only for depth/strategic purposes, but to convey how accessible golf should be. Too often a game of elite white guys escaping their marriages, Clap Hanz allows anyone on to the course, from kids to teens to adults to seniors. The eclectic array, juiced up with colorful costumes on colorful landscapes, suggests the sport, minus the ugliness. Now it’s a team game, and anyone can play, as a pure a realization of the original Everybody’s Golf naming convention as possible.


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