Zombie Army 4 (Xbox Series X)

Back when filmmakers distributed bonkers pulp exploitation to theaters – nudity-laden women’s prison thrillers, sleazy vampire lust horror, and gonzo gore sagas – is where Zombie Army 4 belongs. It’s too pure, too absurd, too ridiculous to exist in today’s Nazi-sploitation world. Imagine Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds, but instead of Nazi scalps, the troopers bludgeoned undead sent by Hitler (from hell itself) as he forces Mt. Vesuvious to erupt.

In one sense, Zombie Army 4 is trash gaming. The critical alarms it triggers are near infinite. It’s barely plotted, repetitive, and sluggishly paced. Yet Zombie Army 4 thrives because it’s so outlandishly produced, soaked in blood splatter, and littered with glorious artwork (that’s worth finding hidden about just to see it). Zombie Army 4 seems alive enough to know exactly what it is and what it needs to be, all-in on its conceptual mastery, while being hyper-satisfying when mauling Nazi hordes who stumble around on their second lives.

As to not gunk up the proceedings with any reality, there’s no sense of what Hitler did, only that he’s the grandest of all super villains, someone so despicable that it’s worth the time to make sure he doesn’t return. Admittedly cardboard and maybe too playful given the historical severity, but that’s how simple schlock sells ticket with only a few words on a poster (or in this case, cover art). “Hitler’s back… from hell!” How quaint, yet brilliant in its intellectual sterility.


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