Halloween: Haunted ’86 (Xbox One)

The limitations of the 8-bit NES – the console Haunted ’86 was designed for – add to its creeps. A tight, restrictive color palette locks Haunted ’86 to using extensive black. That means ledges and background objects appear to just peek out, their edges highlighted. It’s mood where so few games of this ilk even… Continue reading Halloween: Haunted ’86 (Xbox One)


SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy (Switch)

SNK Heroines hyper-sexualizes characters that in many cases, were already sexualized. It finds the skimpiest costumes, most revealing dresses, and barely-there bikinis to ensure skin exposure. It’s parody though. SNK Heroines is about a literal male gaze. A creepy, shadowy fetishist male figure, Kukri, brings these women together. He watches them from a high-tech camera… Continue reading SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy (Switch)


Fire Pro Wrestling World (PS4)

An interactive pantomime of a real world pantomime, Fire Pro Wrestling miniaturizes the sport, down to its movement essentials. In an era of polygons, Fire Pro retains sprites, choppily animated, but with heightened impact. There’s a speed and a grace to Fire Pro, even without the pop of fireworks, lightshows, or entrance music. This is… Continue reading Fire Pro Wrestling World (PS4)


Spider-Man (PS4)

  J. Jonah Jameson is right. Speaking on his Alex Jones-like radio show as Spider-Man webs through the city, Jameson bemoans the surveillance state of New York Police. He should. Across the city, corporately donated towers track private conversations and ping potential crimes without anyone being aware. Seems questionable. Were Spider-Man mature rather than merely… Continue reading Spider-Man (PS4)