Mario Tennis Aces (Switch)

Mario Tennis Aces has the feverish energy of typical Nintendo games. It’s less about tennis than the shine. Every racket-meets-ball moment explodes with a blistering highlight. That builds meters and bars, also throbbing with light. Executing the super strike the latter builds toward is a blinding fantasy – more sparks, in other words, along with… Continue reading Mario Tennis Aces (Switch)


Jurassic World: Evolution (PC)

Hovering over a dinosaur island theme park, a Tyrannosaurus roars. It’s that iconic Jurassic Park sound, nearly deafening audiences in theaters. Nearby, Velociraptors screech. Their recent live kill made them celebratory. The aura of Jurassic Park fills Jurassic World: Evolution. John Williams’ wondrous theme over the main menu? That’s cause for genuine chills. Jurassic World:… Continue reading Jurassic World: Evolution (PC)


Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn (PS4)

Shaq comes from a town named “Hunglow.” His mortal enemy in Yen Lo-Wang. That’s the high point of Shaq-Fu’s humor. The rest is acidic, painful, and disgraceful. It’s homophobic, with hundreds of marching muscle men walking with a stereotypical gait. It’s racist, with both boa-wearing pimps and grape soda-spewing black men. Never even mind the… Continue reading Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn (PS4)


Super Mega Baseball 2 (Xbox One)

“Just Spend Money” says a satirical Nike-themed ad lining the boards in Super Mega Baseball 2’s stadiums. It’s part of a classic baseball satire, the likes of which Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball, Baseball Stars 2, and The Bigs understood so well. Classics, the lot of them. So too is Super Mega Baseball 2. Batters sport… Continue reading Super Mega Baseball 2 (Xbox One)