Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice (PS4)

It’s in Senua’s eyes. A blankness. Her stare, her searching for reality. But there’s nothing, except anger maybe. Anger at her past, her birth into violence, and her grief. That’s the only thing real to Senua. Uncanny valley is frequently dissected, that point where a robot or computerized image becomes so real, it’s indistinguishable from… Continue reading Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice (PS4)


Darksiders III (PS4)

Two things highlight the apocalypse of Darksiders III. One is the four horsemen member Fury (who leads this Darksiders chapter) continually making snide observations about the human race. While freshman philosophy in terms of depth, the spiteful barbs regarding war and planet-destroying indifference create a character cold, even distant to her cause. That makes an… Continue reading Darksiders III (PS4)


SNK 40th Anniversary Collection (Switch)

SNK’s history is flush with wild fantasies. The SNK 40th Anniversary Collection features multiple. There’s Athena in which the goddess conquers all manner of monsters and Crystalis, a uniquely textured tale with more to do with Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda than anyone at SNK would admit. Or, Prehistoric Isle where an Arthur Conan Doyle dinosaur… Continue reading SNK 40th Anniversary Collection (Switch)