West of Loathing (Switch)

Gunfights, fistfights, bar fights. Horses and stables. Bandits, jails, and sheriffs. The flair and mystique of the west. Or, the bastardization of reality. West of Loathing uses it all, but unlike the silent cinema it takes after, there’s no allusion to the romanticized west. Where once the written dialog of say, 1923’s The Covered Wagon… Continue reading West of Loathing (Switch)


Ace Combat 7 (PS4)

Although placed in a fictional world of Ace Combat’s own making, this seventh numbered entry depicts a surreal, even bizarre neo-future World War II interpretation. The small Eursea (Japan) kingdom sends an unannounced force to the military-powered, world policing Osean (USA) forces at Osean’s seaside base. In the end, a national alliance leads to prosperity… Continue reading Ace Combat 7 (PS4)