Dragon’s Crown Pro (PS4)

The nostalgia Dragon’s Crown intends, even though it’s only five years old at the time of this remaster, is for a fantasy melee. Instead, it’s Gamergate. The percolation of Gamergate anyway. On Dragon Crown’s initial release, critics called out the pulpy, distorted female forms for their sexism. Things didn’t go well in terms of the… Continue reading Dragon’s Crown Pro (PS4)


River City: Tokyo Rumble (3DS)

In some 20 years between River City Ransom and this rousing 3DS sequel, bullying turned into a Japanese epidemic. Tokyo Rumble begins with a kid, Hiroshi, bullied and beaten in front of his school. Series protagonist Kunio then selflessly snaps to Hiroshi’s defense. Kunio’s aesthetic rises from the American ’50s, that cool kid who smokes,… Continue reading River City: Tokyo Rumble (3DS)


Aquapazza: Aquaplus Dream Match (PS3)

Step away from Aquapazza’s screechy anime schoolgirls and gunk about parallel dimensions. Behind the derivative set-up lies a sharp, admirable fighter. Although context is wanting (making loose sense of the world-merging story), Aquapazza separates its characters. Mechanics are divisive. Personalities are allowed to form – some can dash, some jump quickly, some evade. Playfulness, aggression, kookiness;… Continue reading Aquapazza: Aquaplus Dream Match (PS3)