Resident Evil: Village (Xbox Series X)

Ethan Winters’ journey across this and the previous Resident Evil represent a wiry, weird fable of emotional distress. Little of Village’s kooky, raw camp fits Winters’ pain as he tries to reunite his family and save his child; that’s just Resident Evil’s way (still), paying tribute to schlock horror. Where Italian horror maestros in the… Continue reading Resident Evil: Village (Xbox Series X)


Resident Evil 3 (2020, Xbox One)

There’s a breathlessness to Resident Evil 3, a genuine urgency to cure Raccoon City of its corporately-induced infection (released by the ludicrously unethical Umbrella Corp.). Everything about Resident Evil 3 surges, desperately pushing toward the solution – a vaccine. It’s nigh impossible to imagine a game more “in the moment” than this, right now. In… Continue reading Resident Evil 3 (2020, Xbox One)


Capcom Beat ‘Em Up Bundle (Switch)

There’s underappreciated versatility to the beat-em-up genre. That’s apparent in this seven game compilation. While each game deals in walking to the right, punching or hacking throes of recycled enemies, the themes and energy are distinctive to each. There’s the great Final Fight, a story of rising through poverty to confront those who use their… Continue reading Capcom Beat ‘Em Up Bundle (Switch)


Puzzle Fighter (iOS)

Capcom’s late ’90s Puzzle Fighter carried a self-mocking title – Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo. There never was an original Puzzle Fighter; Capcom took a chance and riffed their endless Street Fighter II revisions. The game itself turned out sensational, a versus gem-falling puzzle game with frenetic pacing and genuine strategy. Capcom finally released the… Continue reading Puzzle Fighter (iOS)


Marvel vs Capcom Infinite (PS4)

In Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, a journalist can fight – and beat – Thor and Hulk. This is an amazing thing. The mayhem in this corporate cross-over is sufficiently aboil, enough to plow through a turgid story concerning the all-powerful Infinity Stones. Think Lord of the Rings’ nineteen rings, but fewer in number and color… Continue reading Marvel vs Capcom Infinite (PS4)


Resident Evil 7 (Xbox One)

Resident Evil 7 has many masters, from schlockbuster found footage horror to mainstream offerings. It treats the backwood bayou stereotype as a viral infection (a clever if ultimately unfilled promise), induces VCR terror tropes, eventually manifesting into killer kids, but not before blending in a touch of Sam Raimi’s off-beat Evil Dead – or at… Continue reading Resident Evil 7 (Xbox One)