Street Fighter V (PS4)

Street Fighter is old. During its existence as a series, fighting turned from bar room brawls to a spectator sport. Oddly, Street Fighter gained spectators too. The series has been rebooted, reset, re-released, and remade. There have been lunchboxes, pachinko machines, movies, and books. Prequels and sequels. One-offs and three-offs. Characters died. Then, were resurrected.… Continue reading Street Fighter V (PS4)


Project X-Zone 2 (3DS)

Few will finish Project X-Zone 2. There’s little reason to. At a bloated 45 or 50 some hours, its redundancies grow tiresome. This tri-publisher cross-over shows no pacing discipline. Neither did the first X-Zone – that was 70 hours. These games are enamored with themselves. Even shy of the halfway mark though, there’s enough to… Continue reading Project X-Zone 2 (3DS)


Resident Evil Origins Collection (PS4)

Before the series was swamped by SyFy Channel-isms of capitalism and rogue genetics, Resident Evil served as a stubborn, barely ambulatory trot through movie studio Universal’s horror canon. Via pre-rendered backgrounds, Resident Evil found art in the inactive, locking cameras into place as directors of the ’20s and ’30s were often forced to do. Although… Continue reading Resident Evil Origins Collection (PS4)