Biomutant (Xbox Series X)

Biomutant is a multi-layered throwback. On the surface, the mundane open world, slippery combat, and messy dialog trees flashback to the original Fable, as if Biomutant were resurrected from the first Xbox, then remastered. It wasn’t, to note. Then the story, pleading to a pre-teen audience about global climate catastrophes in a way even Captain… Continue reading Biomutant (Xbox Series X)


Saturday Morning RPG (PS4)

This sloppy indie charmer from Mighty Rabbit Studios hits on tiring 1980s nostalgia, split into episodes for the sake of the Saturday morning aesthetic. Each episode bloats with references to ’80s era properties. There’s hardly an original idea in the mix. Back to the Future, GI Joe, Tron, The Wizard, Power Glove; those are from… Continue reading Saturday Morning RPG (PS4)