Ghostbusters: Slime City (iOS)

Making greater sense than the movie it’s based on, Ghostbusters: Slime City ensnares the joy of busting ghosts as much as it does the business acumen of the Dan Aykroyd-created property. Calls come in, the team goes out. A light gun shooter in touch form, firing off proton streams carries immense satisfaction. A gorgeous visual… Continue reading Ghostbusters: Slime City (iOS)


Ghostbusters (Xbox One, 2016)

Ghostbusters is a specifically calibrated, imaginative property – yet this Ghostbusters game (listlessly named too) is hardly recognizable. Hastily written to connect with the new movie; starring a (nicely inclusive) roster of no ones; mirroring the titanic 2011 flop Sanctum of Slime; copping IDW’s comic aesthetic; spewing dismal dad jokes, this Ghostbusters tanks despite having… Continue reading Ghostbusters (Xbox One, 2016)


Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter (iOS)

If anything is notable about Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter, it’s former secretary Janine suited up and in the busting party. She isn’t draped in a pink jumpsuit (as she was in the cartoon adaptation The Real Ghostbusters), rather part of the team, an equal who wears the traditional tan. Said sight is better than what’s planned… Continue reading Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter (iOS)