Godzilla Defense Force (Android)

There’s no other Godzilla videogame that understands the futility of fighting radioactive beasts better than Godzilla Defense Force. Every run is hopeless; that’s by design. The game exists to suck money and time, but this is a smart, appropriate application of the idle clicker. Tapping the screen sends troops to the shoreline, defending against various… Continue reading Godzilla Defense Force (Android)


West of Loathing (Switch)

Gunfights, fistfights, bar fights. Horses and stables. Bandits, jails, and sheriffs. The flair and mystique of the west. Or, the bastardization of reality. West of Loathing uses it all, but unlike the silent cinema it takes after, there’s no allusion to the romanticized west. Where once the written dialog of say, 1923’s The Covered Wagon… Continue reading West of Loathing (Switch)