I’m Matt Paprocki. You might remember me from such blogs as VideogameCollecting, my portfolio, and DoBlu. When I’m not writing here, I’m freelancing for Playboy, Polygon, Paste, and others.

This project exists to review any and all newly played games in 2016 – outside of current freelance work. This could include games received from GameFly, random iOS downloads, other rentals, used purchases, or more. Review ‘Em All came about after seeing holes in my 2015 Game of the Year list. It’s time to write about everything to be sure.

Reviews could be full length or a few brief paragraphs, depending on time. Some games will be played in full, others for a few minutes. For readers, consider it a review diary. For me, it’s a creative challenge and a means of staying sharp.

Have a writing opportunity for me? paprockimatt [at] gmail [dot] com. Are you PR? Please use paprockimattpress [at] gmail [dot] com.

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