Review ’em All started life as a side project in 2016 – to see if it’s possible for a videogame critic to review every game they play in a given year. After 98 reviews, the answer is yes.

Now the site remains as an outlet for esoteric criticism, a place to pin down thoughts on games that catch my interest. Reviews could be full length or a few brief paragraphs, depending on time. Some games will be played in full, others for a few minutes. For readers, consider it a review diary. For me, it’s a creative challenge and a means of staying sharp.

When I’m not writing here, I’m freelancing for Playboy, Polygon, Paste, PC Gamer, Unwinnable, Zam, and others. You might also remember me from such blogs as VideogameCollecting, my portfolio, and going on its ninth year, DoBlu.com

Have a writing opportunity? Use paprockimatt [at] gmail [dot] com.

Are you looking to have your game covered? Please use paprockimattpress [at] gmail [dot] com.

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