River City: Rival Showdown (3DS)

Kunio’s appearance earns awe in River City: Rival Showdown. During most conversations, Kunio stands in front of school, hands in his pant’s pockets, staring indifferently toward the horizon. No wonder other teens think he’s the coolest; he’s the Fonz of his generation, a high school student labeled as a “delinquent” by elders. He’s also a… Continue reading River City: Rival Showdown (3DS)


Puzzle Fighter (iOS)

Capcom’s late ’90s Puzzle Fighter carried a self-mocking title – Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo. There never was an original Puzzle Fighter; Capcom took a chance and riffed their endless Street Fighter II revisions. The game itself turned out sensational, a versus gem-falling puzzle game with frenetic pacing and genuine strategy. Capcom finally released the… Continue reading Puzzle Fighter (iOS)


Star Wars Battlefront II (Xbox One)

When George Lucas signed the first Star Wars contracts, he did so with foresight. Fox got the box office, Lucas got the multi-billion dollar, long-lasting tail end – the merchandising. People bought Star Wars everything. They continue to do so. Battlefront II then is the ultimate Star Wars videogame, representing, in totality, the business side of… Continue reading Star Wars Battlefront II (Xbox One)


Super Lucky’s Tale (Xbox One)

Kids likely won’t care that Lucky, a fox that for some reason collects shamrocks, doesn’t have a personality. Lucky doesn’t even speak. He runs and bounds over obstacles with enjoyable, cheery motion. Lucky is having a blast and that’s enough. Timid and minimalist – that’s Super Lucky’s Tale. Quaint fantasy surroundings place Lucky in minor… Continue reading Super Lucky’s Tale (Xbox One)