Red Wings: Aces of the Sky (Switch)

Red Wings relies on the mythlogized aerial acrobatics of WWI – think Snoopy on his dog house, gunning down foes. It’s a notable comparison as Snoopy offers some characterization; Red Wings does not. For a war so tense, Red Wings is unusually lean, leisurely, and low stress. The moment-to-moment shooting gallery fares fine, with a… Continue reading Red Wings: Aces of the Sky (Switch)


Super Mega Baseball 3 (Xbox One)

Teams in Super Mega Baseball 3 don’t have home cities, at least in their names. Much is suggested in the stadiums though. Some squads base their operations in lower rent districts – that’s evident by the advertisers lining the warning track. Say, a lawyer service called “Bogus Docs: Creative Bookkeeping” for fields in working class… Continue reading Super Mega Baseball 3 (Xbox One)


Streets of Rage 4 (Xbox One)

When brawling through Wood Oak City’s prison and police station, the level’s end comes in the commissioners office. In anger, the corrupt leader smashes his desk, revealing a hidden briefcase full of cash. Things changed for Streets of Rage. The series began with Axel, Adam, Blaze – all detectives – fighting against the criminally-infested, rotting… Continue reading Streets of Rage 4 (Xbox One)


Final Fantasy VII Remake (PS4)

It’s possible to see Final Fantasy VII as a Japanese cultural study. From outside, the city of Midgar, isolated on all sides, mirrors Japan’s post-war, industrial boom. The dominate color is green, the only change from winding pipe systems and smokestacks that once defined the country’s polluted skylines. At the core though is something entirely… Continue reading Final Fantasy VII Remake (PS4)


Resident Evil 3 (2020, Xbox One)

There’s a breathlessness to Resident Evil 3, a genuine urgency to cure Raccoon City of its corporately-induced infection (released by the ludicrously unethical Umbrella Corp.). Everything about Resident Evil 3 surges, desperately pushing toward the solution – a vaccine. It’s nigh impossible to imagine a game more “in the moment” than this, right now. In… Continue reading Resident Evil 3 (2020, Xbox One)