Forza Motorsport 7 (Xbox One)

Imagine, for a moment, you need brakes on your car. It’s a $60 repair according to the mechanic, seemingly a great price for new brakes. You agree. However, returning home, you discover those brakes weren’t installed. The mechanic explains $60 was the initial price. For additional cash, you can purchase a mystery box. That box… Continue reading Forza Motorsport 7 (Xbox One)


Cuphead (Xbox One)

Cuphead doesn’t ignore realities of senescent media it’s lauding; Cuphead merely engages with it on different terms. Depression era animation, a pioneering era for the medium, too often employed appalling racial stereotypes and garish war propaganda, butting against the litany of creativity. The Fleischer’s Betty Boop, Popeye, and Gabby series; Ub Iwerks’ Flip the Frog… Continue reading Cuphead (Xbox One)


Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap (Xbox One)

This remake of Sega’s Wonder Boy III treats the game with more reverence than is likely deserved. In doing so, Wonder Boy turns into an aesthetic spectacle. Dragon’s Trap harnesses the pop-art of the charming, mischievous fantasy lost behind the original Master System’s synthetic neon color palette. With stellar animation, providing the agency of a… Continue reading Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap (Xbox One)


Resident Evil 7 (Xbox One)

Resident Evil 7 has many masters, from schlockbuster found footage horror to mainstream offerings. It treats the backwood bayou stereotype as a viral infection (a clever if ultimately unfilled promise), induces VCR terror tropes, eventually manifesting into killer kids, but not before blending in a touch of Sam Raimi’s off-beat Evil Dead – or at… Continue reading Resident Evil 7 (Xbox One)

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Best of 2016

In no particular order – or they’re actually alphabetical. Either way. Doom Excessive and brutish, few excel in their violence like Doom. Underneath the swell of sound caused by shotguns, rocket launchers, and exploding demons is a crafty lampooning of religious devotion and the corporate goons who keep their employees invested in the cult rather… Continue reading Best of 2016