Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire (iOS)

The tap-tap-tap rhythm of Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire turns its players into the equivalent of a cat playing with a tablet’s virtual aquarium. YouTube provides endless hours of examples. Human paws aren’t as adorable though. As opposed to phony aquariums, Crazy Taxi’s spin-off dishes out phony money. It’s a cycle of tapping and watching dollar bills… Continue reading Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire (iOS)


Abzu (PS4)

Restorative, wandering, abstract; Abzu offers the serenity of an interactive, aquatic Fantasia. Invisibly guided and intellectually stirring, Abzu’s mind-twisting appearance silently guides its nameless android protagonist through an abstract quest. Its scale obliterates that of videogame adventures hours lengthier; Abzu’s scenic volume is three times theirs. A thoughtful use of the medium, the design is… Continue reading Abzu (PS4)