Burnout Paradise: Remastered (PS4)

Ignoring the motorcycles – for which this situation is unavoidable – Burnout Paradise involves no people. Watch the wrecks as the camera pans the melee of crunching steel – no drivers. Sidewalks lay empty. Buildings appear abandoned. It’s questionable that a depiction of interactive paradise involves no humans and a bonanza of jubilant violence. It’s… Continue reading Burnout Paradise: Remastered (PS4)


Fight’N Rage (PC)

It’s lamentable that Fight’N Rage’s main lead, simply named Gal, sways her inflated breasts practically out her dress. That’s just when she’s standing around. It’s obnoxious. Fight’N Rage doesn’t ignore the overall sleaze of its world though. Humans stomp on anthropomorphic animal foes, brawling in a ghastly place where slathering pigs and seedy wolves attack.… Continue reading Fight’N Rage (PC)


MLB: The Show 18 (PS4)

The “show” in the title is more than major league ball. It’s emotion. The Show creates that. As tech expanded, The Show tweaked its physics and bolstered features. That’s great. What’s unusual and unique is the visualized passion. Digitized faces can be read – anger, elation. Their lips too. Batters jaw with pitchers. Umpires deal… Continue reading MLB: The Show 18 (PS4)