Super Lucky’s Tale (Xbox One)

Kids likely won’t care that Lucky, a fox that for some reason collects shamrocks, doesn’t have a personality. Lucky doesn’t even speak. He runs and bounds over obstacles with enjoyable, cheery motion. Lucky is having a blast and that’s enough.

Timid and minimalist – that’s Super Lucky’s Tale. Quaint fantasy surroundings place Lucky in minor danger; it’s rare to see a sharp edge anywhere. Lucky’s storybook world looks like a bouncy castle. It’s visually and literally soft. Even when at war with a bunch of felines, everyone is amiable. Complete a few challenges and the cats step aside.

Super Lucky’s Tale stretches on for a bit without any real theme. There’s no story of being your best or proving yourself, nothing to inspire kids. It’s play for the sake of play, which for Super Lucky’s Tale makes sense. There’s a safe, controlled freedom in the design as stages segue from an inviting hub world. Rarely does Super Lucky’s Tale challenge.

If Conker didn’t spin up into Saving Private Ryan parodies and general tastelessness, this is likely where the deranged squirrel would end up.


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