The Golf Club 2 (PS4)

Societies are at the heart of Golf Club 2. Groups of online golfers come together, win money, and bolster their club’s status by tossing money into the kitty. Prestige is everything, summing up modern golf as a whole. It’s used more for business than sport, often a showcase of social status between business partners. That’s what Golf Club 2 gets right.

On the course, it’s a tough simulation at a time when interactive golf eased back on difficulty, at a glance unchanged from the first Golf Club. It’s pleasant and fine and quiet in the way golf organically is, also doubling down on skill. New clubs won’t raise any skill stats – items exist for show alone, again pairing with Golf Club 2’s class element. Luckily, only skill applies to entry requirements. The scuzzier side of the sport that still allows club rejection based on race or other ludicrous standards need not apply. That’s Golf Club 2’s fantasy, not reaching a green in two on a par 5 or a hole in one.


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